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Florida  Rising organizes multi-racial movements to win elections, change laws, and create a state where everyone can be safe, happy, healthy and whole. 


They are a people-powered organization made up of members advancing economic and racial justice across Florida. Every individual has power but we have more power together.


They build independent political power that centers historically marginalized communities so everyday Floridians shape the future.

They Support Movements Like 

Their Unapologetic Approach For Justice

Causes tension with opposing ideologies


When faced with opposition,
they activate communities to take action

The Situation

The Governor of Florida just said groups like Florida Rising have an agenda to corrupt your children, encourage the genital mutilation of young people and promote programs that sexualize our kids. It’s inappropriate ... Frankly, it's disgusting.

Our response should be smart, bold, and firm.


No DeSantis, You're Disgusting

The Idea:

Spark dialogue to create action. 


Florida Rising

200 E Robinson St,

Orlando, Fl 32801

For Immediate Release

News Statement

Media contact: Kamryn Young,

Deputy Director of Marketing and Strategy - Candidate


No DeSantis, You’re Disgusting !

Once again DeSantis removes the voice of the people

Orlando, Fl - November 1, 2022: Florida Rising supports freedom of choice, not false narratives. Governor DeSantis continues to stifle the voices of communities who are simply trying to be represented. Despite visible support from organizations that claim to stand against injustice and discrimination, the reality of equity and inclusion amongst underserved marginalized communities are still deeply rooted at the tip of the iceberg. Fanatical remarks like DeSantis referring to our children as “drag queens' ”, takes an emotional toll on the mental development of not only our youth but our society at large.  


Turning off the lights doesn’t change what’s there. Yet, embracing a free to be you environment builds stronger communities and cultures of acceptance. Pressuring our youth to live dual identities, can negatively affect their mental health, productivity, and way of life. Florida Rising has recognized the need to support our LGBTQ+ community by creating an environment with greater visibility and access to hope. According to Open for Business—an LGBTQ research and advocacy group, “when people don’t need to live both an out personal life and a closeted professional one, they have more freedom and energy to be creative, problem solve, collaborate, and lead and inspire others.”  Unfortunately, Governor DeSantis, we decline your proposal to position us as a hateful organization, instead we offer you to take a page out of our book and actually support the communities you represent.  


Florida Rising organizes multiracial movements to win elections and change laws, and create a state where everyone can be safe, happy, and whole. For more information, visit or on our social media @FLRising on Twitter and Instagram.  


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