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When You Care Enough to Send Your Very Best

Hallmark is the pioneer of the greeting card industry. What started over a century ago as two brothers making valentines day and christmas cards, turned into signing a licensing deal with Walt Disney and created the first “Eye-Vision” greeting display. With nine simple words: “When You Care Enough to Send the Very Best.” One of the most recognized slogans in advertising is birthed from Hallmark.

What's happening in the world  of greeting cards ? 

Brands get lost in the sea of cards

Category Truth

Interesting Note: Hallmark created the eye-vision display that over time has made it hard for them to stand out amongst other card brands.

Hallmark Has Enemies

But not the enemies you think

The greeting card industry is being threatened by paperless substitutes.



Text & E-mail

Text & E-mail

Direct Message

Consumer Truth

Cards mean more than a Facebook post, a text, an Instagram story, or a DM

There is something about hand-written cards that can’t be replaced by a Facebook post or Instagram. I love receiving cards. I actually save them in a big box. I love going through them years later.”

“Deeply connected to the sender.”




“Thankful that the sender took the time to go beyond a text to remember me.”

Seen. Touched.

“Someone took the time to pick out a card and mail it to me. It’s a small gesture, but it can really brighten my day.”






Remember the power of a greeting card


Women age: 25-40

Feels like cards have become outdated or uncool, she wishes they were the norm


Appreciates the convenience of a Facebook birthday post and she completes them every morning


Grew up taking family photos

to send as postcards for the holidays. Recently realized how much she misses the sincerity of cards

  • Facebook
  • Twitter
  • LinkedIn
  • Instagram
Friends at Bridal Shower

Hallmark is out to save cards.

Idea /Campaign

What We Need To Make

  • 30-second TV spot


  • Social media ads


  • Out-of-Home // On-the-way-to-get-a-card places: Give the world a greeting card?


  • In-store displays

Interesting Note: Hallmark was the first company in the greeting card industry to advertise nationally, and not many other card companies do advertising. When Hallmark talks, people listen.

Our Tone

  • Talk to people how they like their cards to talk: sarcastic, witty, funny, edgy & cool. Research showed that these are the tones of cards people are most likely to purchase. Our tone for the campaign should match their preferences.

  • Hallmark is the leader. Keep the brand voice but refresh it. Don’t think Hallmark Channel.

  • Get people excited about cards; make it fun!

  • Maybe channel the “Just Because” line

Strategy Team:

Michal Howick: 


Kai Butler:

Annie Balint:

Kamryn Young:

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