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Beer of the uncommonwealth

Hardywood, Virginia's largest craft brewery & VCU teamed up to make a university beer.


They crafted the brew, then asked Brandcenter students to name the beer, design the can, create a tagline, and design a tap. 


Our team won the live pitch and the beer was mass produced and distributed by Hardywood for a limited time.

My approach:

I researched Richmond culture and interviewed current and past VCU students on their experience. Deep diving into the hype of ram nation jumpstarted the VCUniverse and hopped into the hops of the beer world. 

VCU students care less about the awards and more about the experience and diversity

even though

Students often refer to VCU as "the Safety School"

the reality is

Students see VCU as a “safe to be you” school and this attitude has carried over into the city.

new mural.jpg
“VCU is unique in that the school is integrated with the city and the culture is super varied. There are so many students and departments.” 

Class of 2017
“Going to VCU was the best decision I ever made - dead ass. The biggest thing that felt different about VCU was diversity in every sense of the word - race, age, background, gender, sexuality.” 

Class of 2019

Celebrate all that VCU alumni & supporters create with the safety of self-expression.

Introducing RAM BAM,
Beer of the Uncommonwealth

Audience: Members of the VCUniverse

Beer_Can_Mockup_01_FINAL FOR DECK.png

The Creator

Want to express their talents and bring visions to life with that expression

They believe creativity takes various forms in a variety of career paths

To them, craft beer is an exploration and means of supporting fellow creators


Geo-targeted social to attract our audience and drive creative expression on Richmond streets

billboard correct shape.jpg
new mural.jpg
male nurse in carytown.jpg
dancer in carytown.jpg

We're geared to lift the biggest burden of them all:
the pocket

The RAM I AM Scholarship

Establish a scholarship that takes proceed from the sales of Ram Bam and gives it back to the student community.


The scholarship would be open to students from all fields and require a written response to the prompt:


“How does your field of study / field of interest help you express yourself?”


Zack Ackerman: Startegist

Kendal Boron: Art Director

Alex Fried: Art Director

Erica Mendel: Copywriter

Kamryn Young: Strategist

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